24U s.r.o. Now Shipping 24U Hex OSAX 1.0 For Developers

24U s.r.o. has released a new app for developers, 24U Hex OSAX 1.0. 24U Hex OSAX is a text and integer converter designed for Web developers requiring Internet data transferring. The app ships with AppleScript support and hexadecimal file dump/editing. According to 24U s.r.o:

24U announces the release of a new Scripting Addition 24U Hex OSAX 1.0 for converting text and integer numbers to hexadecimal notation and back, making life easier for programmers and Web developers!

The hexadecimal notation contains only alphanumeric characters, so you can utilize it for transfering data simply between platforms and over the Internet. Software engineers and programers will also benefit from the ability to write simple scripts for generation of hexadecimal data.

Features of 24U Hex OSAX 1.0:

  • Gives AppleScript the ability to convert text and integer numbers to hexadecimal notation and back
  • Hexadecimal notation can be transfered unchanged between platforms and over the Internet
  • Allows for hexadecimal dump/editing of files

You can find more information about the 24U Hex OSAX release at the 24U s.r.o. Web site. 24U Hex OSAX 1.0 is available as donationware.