3D Vector Tool Comes To The Mac

Electric Rain has announced that their 3D vector based design tool, Swift 3D 1.0, is coming to the Macintosh. Swift 3D allows users to create 3D vector images for use with other applicatios, such as Macromediais Flash and Adobeis Live Motion. According to Electric Rain:

Electric Rain, Inc.(R) today announced the release of its newest version of their 3D vector graphics tool, Swift 3D(TM) v1.0 for the Macintosh(R). This powerful standalone design tool allows users to create vector-based 3D imagery that compliments 2D and motion graphic authoring tools such as Macromedia Flash and Adobe LiveMotion.

"After Swift 3D v1.0 Windows was released in April, we received thousands of emails asking us to support the Macintosh platform. It was very apparent that a Mac version of Swift 3D was our next critical mission," commented Mike Soucie, President of Electric Rain. "Electric Rain is passionate about supplying innovative multimedia tools to the Macromedia Flash and graphics community and we were determined to allow Mac users access to our 3D vector graphics technology."

After five months of development and testing, Electric Rain has answered the call for a version of Swift 3D that runs natively on the Macintosh OS (Version 7.5.3 and above). The user interface is very similar to the original Windows version and its features include all of Swift 3Dis basic capabilities, plus several new additions since the April release of the Windows version.

Swift 3D is available for US$139. You can find more information at the Swift 3D web site.