3ware Announces High Capacity Network Storage Unit

Taking full advantage of the new Macis on-board Gigabit ethernet, 3ware has announced a high capacity, high speed Network Storage Unit. The NSU allows users to share up to 600GB worth of drive space over existing ethernet lines using Appleis included high speed networking technology, or a third party Gigabit ethernet solution. According to 3ware:

3ware? Inc., a pioneer of innovative storage solutions, announced today that the company?s NSUTM (Network Storage Unit) is the first Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) storage area network (SAN) solution that allows Mac users to equip their network with storage that runs across existing TCP/IP Ethernet lines. The NSU provides up to 48 hours of DV streaming video capability and can be attached to individual Macintosh (Mac) machines, or existing networks in a matter of minutes. This gives Mac users an extra 600 gigabytes of storage power to handle the graphics, video and audio demands of an everyday workload.

?We understand the storage needs of talented professionals in the graphics and movie industries and are delighted to provide 3ware?s NSU to these Apple customers. With 3ware?s NSU, they will benefit from a high performance storage solution that is easy to implement and maintain,? said Beau Vrolyk, president and CEO of 3ware. ?Our product is being rapidly accepted among the Mac customer base -- from iMac customers to those using the Power Mac G4 and iBook users, as well as those working with other Mac products, or using a mix of operating systems. 3ware is an easy choice for people who want storage at their own pace, under their own rules, while leveraging existing Gigabit Ethernet IT architectures.?

The 3ware NSU is the first solution to provide storage across TCP/IP, extending the reach of Gigabit Ethernet into SAN applications through an integrated direct-connect RAID storage device. The 3ware NSU helps businesses meet the intensifying need for storage on demand without having to adopt new standards or commit to expensive new hardware or proprietary systems. 3ware customers can easily deploy advanced storage solutions using existing Ethernet networks. The 3ware NSU seamlessly supports multiple operating systems and is far less management-intensive to implement than todayis fibre-channel options.

The Network Storage Unit is available starting at US$17,000. You can find more information at 3wareis web site.