4D Developers Suddenly More UpBeat

Sophisticated Circuits has released a new plug-in for the 4D server suite package, UpBeat. The UpBeat 4D plug-in allows 4D developers to have an easy and reliable way to monitor their servers to insure the system is up and running as it should be. According to Sophisticated Circuits:

Sophisticated Circuits, Inc. today announced its 4D UpBeat(tm) Plug-in is now available, making it easy for 4D developers to integrate support for Sophisticated Circuits industry-leading UpBeat reliability technology into their custom applications. Now developers using 4th Dimension, the premier vertical market development tools for effective, rapid deployment of powerful database and web capabilities, can easily ensure reliability within their professional solutions in the timeframe their clients demand. Well-received as a beta release to developers at the 4D summit last fall, the 4D UpBeat Plug-in is now available for immediate download at http://www.sophisticated.com/software.

"In the quest for better reliability, 4D developers are some of our most important allies,", said Jonathan Feinstein of Sophisticated Circuits. "Their appreciation and support for our tools have led to wide spread acceptance of SCIis industry-leading reliability and automation technologies. By making it easy for developers to integrate our technologies into their products, the job of system administrators becomes easier while reliability is increased for all computer users whether they access software via the web, an intranet, or one of the many alternative forms of remote access."

UpBeat is SCIis patent pending technology for monitoring the health and well being of software processes from inside the applications themselves, allowing subtle problems to be detected and responded to before complete failure and without human intervention. UpBeat works together with SCIis hardware monitoring products Kick-off!, PowerKey Pro, and Rebound! to make the lives of system administrators easier.

Of special interest to 4D application developers is the fact that all of SCIis hardware reliability products are all uniquely serialized, allowing use as part of a copy protection system within custom 4D applications. Since SCI devices are useful, rather than merely copy protection dongles, end users are far more receptive to the solution.

You can find more information about the UpBeat plug-in, along with their full line of products, at the Sophisticated Circuits Web site.