4D, Inc. Gets Two "Best In Show" Awards From Macworld

4D, Inc. has announced two "Best of Show" awards from Macworld last week. The 4th Dimension 2003 and MasterWriter both received the coveted accolades given out by the Macworld editorial staff. Both apps use the 4D database and development environment. According to 4D, Inc.:

4D, Inc. today is very proud to bring home two "Best of Show" awards from Macworld Expo 2003 - one for 4th Dimension 2003 and one for 4D developer, MasterWriter.

Macworld Best of Show Awards are issued to acknowledge what the companyis editorial staff feels are the most exciting hardware and software products announced at the Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco. 4D, Inc. was recognized for its upcoming 4th Dimension 2003 with wizards for simplifying Web Services integration. MasterWriter was recognized for its MasterWriter v1.0 software for professional songwriters, developed in 4D.

You can find more information about the awards at the 4D, Inc. Web site.