4iThumbs Shows the First Tactile Keypad For The iPhone

| Macworld/iWorld Expo

SAN FRANCISCO, CT -- 4iThumbs is showing their tactile keyboard product for the iPhone at this week's Macworld Expo. Jerry Rosengarten gave us a quick overview of the product.

The 4iThumbs system consists of three major components. The first is the transparent overlays that provide tactile guides that go between the keys on iPhone onscreen keyboard. The idea is that, similar to a traditional keyboard, having tactile guides can improve your accuracy over time. There's one overlay for landscape, and one for portrait keyboard orientations.

4iThumbs Tactile Keypad

The second part of the system are adhesive guides that are placed on the top and bottom of the front of your iPhone. They allow the quick, accurate insertion and removal of the keyboard overlays. The third, optional part of the system are additional adhesive guides that you can place on the rear of your iPhone, for situations where you don't need the overlays.

The standard keyboard is US$14.95, the landscape keyboard is US$16.95, and a kit with both keyboards is $19.95.




Why the totally useless picture?

Can you also show us the user’s manual… by showing a picture of the *EDGE* of the paper????

John F. Braun

Why the totally useless picture?

I always want to include some sort of picture in an article, and this was the best I could find on their site.  If you look closely, you can see the bumps on their overlay.  If you check out their site, I think one of their videos will give you a better sense of the nature of the device.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to do any video capture and editing.


I don’t understand the complaint. I see perfectly what’s going on here, and think that this angle best portrays what the product is about—a tactile overlay over the Newton’s iPhone’s screen…


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