6 More Days To Mac OS X

As a reminder to everyone, Mac OS X Beta will be released in only 6 more days, on September 13th. Thatis Wednesday to those keeping score. From an Apple E-News newsletter:

At last weekis Seybold seminar, Apple announced the release date for the Mac OS X Public Beta.

That date? September 13.

Mac OS X, the eagerly anticipated next generation operating system for Macintosh computers, offers a foundation that is stable and powerful (with both preemptive multitasking and protected memory) married to a new user interface (called Aqua) that is easy to use and elegant.

If youire interested in experiencing Mac OS X firsthand and acquainting yourself with its strengths and features before its official release, youill want to be sure to visit our Mac OS X site next week, on September 13. Weill have more information available on the Mac OS X Public Beta at that time, including details about how you can order it:

Check the Mac OS X Site on September 13.

6 more days, and counting.