9 Alternative Ways to Carry Your iPhone 6 Plus Other Than Your Pocket

The iPhone 6 Plus is a bit larger than Apple customers have been accustomed to. Belt holsters grow enormous. Protective cases have micohectares of plastic. As a result, iPhone 6 Plus owners are looking novel ways to carry this beautiful phablet.

Here's a sampling of some alternative products we on the TMO staff have found that could ease the way you carry your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

1. The LD West leather (shoulder) Holster. $120. For the James Bond fans, a shoulder holster may be just the answer, especially for active people and minimal pocket space. Just be careful to pull the iPhone out slooooowly in front of any law enforcement people. Order the large version for the iPhone 6 Plus. (No, there is no model 007.)

LD West Holster

2. FlipBelt. $29. It's described a snug fit for a Samsung Note 2, but it will fit. So should an iPhone 6 Plus. From the website: "Gone are the days of baggy sweat pants with bulky pockets.... The only problem is there’s nowhere to hold your phone, music and keys. That’s where FlipBelt comes in. Who would have thought a singular tubular waistband could solve one of the biggest nuisances that athletes face—where to tuck must-have items while exercising.


3. Tek Holster. $35 (holster only, straps extra) Here's another company selling leather shoulder holsters. From the Website: "Convenient, practical, simple, safe and secure are just a few of the many reasons for choosing the Tek Holster to carry your personal hi-tech devices out of harms way." Order the XXL size for Galaxy Note and iPhone 6 Plus.

Tek Holster

4. Setgo Transport. $80. This looks like something right out of Stargate SG-1. You wrap this slender bag across your shoulder, and the iPhone is strapped in, right on your chest. From the website: "This is the ultimate urban bag. The efficiently cut shape and strategically placed pockets provides maximum convenience and ample storage for your gear. Perfect fit for an iPad mini or Kindle." Sounds like a 6 Plus is not a problem.

Setgo Transport

Next: JoeyBra, The Man Sack, Utilikilits, Ella Universal Carryall, Runnur Hands Free Carryall and latecomers.

Page 2 - JoeyBra, The Man Sack, Utilikilits, Ella Universal Carryall, Runnur Hands Free Carryall, and Latecomers


5. JoeyBra. $30 For the women. This bra has two water-resistant, zippered pockets. The company doesn't specifically cite the large phablets, but the website quotes from the Huffington Post : "For every woman who's ever stuffed an iPhone into her bra for safekeeping on the dance floor, here's the cue to kick yourself: Turns out a pair college students have now patented the concept. Dubbed the JoeyBra, the push-up bra comes with under-arm pockets perfect for stowing valuables like smartphones, keys, and credit cards." It might work for a smaller iPhone, so we included it.


6. The Man Sack. $15. You've heard of the fanny pack, but now we have the Man Sack. At 7.5 x 8.5 inches, there's plenty of room to throw in a phablet and some other gear as well. From the website: "It keeps your junk safe." Made of polyester, it's available in brown only. (Hand wash only.) Perhaps size does count.

Man Sack

7. Utilikilts. $150 & up. If you're of a mind to wear a kilt, these kilts have a variety of different pockets and pouches. From the website description of the "Original" model. "The elder statesman of our Utilikilt line, the Original is lightweight, comfortable and comes with deep and functional side saddle cargo pockets. The Original is our simplest, most practical and most affordable Utilikilt."


8. Ella Universal Carryall. $230. These premium Argentinian leather caryalls are worn cross-body with a strap and have a magnetic enclosure. This carryall is 5.5 inches long and 2.7 inches wide, so it's barely big enough for an iPhone 6. Check with the company to be sure.

Ella Carryall

9. Runnur Hands Free Carryall. $45. Like the Setgo Transport, this carryall fits diagonally across your chest and has multiple large pockets for carrying the essentials: wallet, keys, and your smartphone. Features include a carabiner for keys, a foam core for comfort, a noslip contoured shoulder strap and high quality velcro. From the website FAQ: "Larger phones such as Galaxy Note/Android will fit in the passport pocket."

Runnur Hands Free Carryall

Finally, clothing makers are finally starting to think more seriously about the right kinds of pockets in clothing, those that can hold the ubiquitous smartphone. See, for example, "SPECIAL iPHONE TROUSERS will ease Apple into the fashion world." Notable from the article: "Any extra pocket space might even help ventilate the phone, perhaps staving off the risk of the iPhone 6 Plus bending under the combined onslaught of...." Well, you'll have to read the article to see the rest.

We are reminded that Apple, especially now with the Apple Watch, is a fashion brand, not just a maker of consumer electronics. In time, our clothing and the means we use to carry the ever present iPhone will change. It has to. In the meantime, perhaps some of the gear above will help out.

[UPDATE: Oct 8]

Since this article was published, we've learned of yet more alternative carry methods. We'll add them here as we go along.

10. Simple.be.  The company is offering two vertical holsters for a 1.5-inch belt. "The Answer 400" has a "secure support loop," and "The Answer 500" is a quick-draw arrangement. (Jumping is not recommended.) Both are $29. They're available in multiple colors and sizes all the way up to an iPhone 6 Plus in its OtterBox Defender case.

Simple.be. "The Answer 500"

11. SCOTTeVEST.  Here, you'll find a very wide range of outer vests, hoodies and jackets with lots of pockets for your iPhone and other gear. Prices depend on the garmet.  Of course, thiis outerwear doesn't work so well in very warm weather, but there's more. The company also has pants (cargo pants) and shirts that can also hold a big smartphone. From the website: "The iPhone 6 and 6+ [sic] are a fit in almost everything we make." Some exceptions are cited.  There's a lot to explore on this website.


[UPDATE: Oct 9]

12. Purse N' Boots. From about $300.  These stylish leather boots for women have an inside pocket for a smarphone, passport etc. From the Elizabeth Ann Shoes website: "The European is a luxurious leather riding boot with pockets for your cell phone, credit cards, passport & more. In addition to convenient pockets & beautiful style, this boot comes in three different calf widths for the perfect fit. Ideal for dancing, travel, motorcycling and horseback riding." You can order custom order calf size, but be sure to check with the company on how how big a smartphone fits in that inside pocket. Also, the product is currently on back order.

Elizabeth Ann Shoes: Purse N' Boots