AAPL Clears $187

Appleis stock managed to close up at US$184.29 on Thursday, but it didnit stop there. In pre-market trading on Friday, the stock shot up almost $3 to climb over $187.

The Mac, iPod and iPhone makeris stock has been on a roller coaster ride recently along with most of the US stock market. Following news earlier this week, however, that a wireless 3G data network upgrade is in store for the iPhone, Appleis stock began climbing several points.

Appleis market cap was sitting at $161.35 billion as of market closing on Thursday, well above Intelis $154.01 billion, and IBM at $148.13 billion. PC maker Dell, however, is still trailing far behind Apple with a $62.92 billion market cap.

Apple is currently trading in the pre-market at $187.20, up 2.91 (1.58%).

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