AEC Updates FastTrack Schedule With Panther Support

AEC Software has released an update for FastTrack Schedule, bringing it to version 8.0.6. FastTrack Shedule is a project management app designed to work in tandem with Palm OS for project scheduling. The update adds Panther support and improves data exchange. According to AEC Software:

AEC Software today released FastTrack Schedule 8.0.6, a new update to the companyis premier project management application.

FastTrack Schedule 8 delivers new productivity features and precision planning enhancements that blend seamlessly with a bold new Aqua interface. Professionals and project managers using the Mac can now leverage Mac OS X to more efficiently organize, track, and manage projects with FastTrack Schedule 8.

Used in tandem, the desktop and handheld versions of FastTrack Schedule 8 provide a comprehensive project scheduling solution with instant access to project details at all times.

FastTrack Schedule 8.0.6 offers support for Mac OS X Panther (v10.3) and improved data exchange with Microsoft Project through XML including extensive support when importing data into FastTrack Schedule.

In addition to Mac OS X Panther performance enhancements, FastTrack Schedule 8.0.6 includes full support for Section 508b offering accessibility for persons with disabilities and many enhancements to several key program areas including Bar Labels, Filters, Summary Bars, Information form, and the Resource View.

You can find more information about the FastTrack Schedule update at the AEC Software Web site. The FastTrack Schedule update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$299.00, and the Palm version retails for US$99.00.