AIM Client Updated

Adam Iser has released an update for Adium, bringing it to version 1.4. Adium is a third party AIM client designed to take advantage of the Mac OS visual aesthetic. The update has numerous bug fixes and additional features. According to Adam Iser:

Adam Iser updated his freeware 3rd party AIM client (Adium) to version 1.4 today.

The 1.4 update adds basic logging, accent support, secure password storage, better organization of the preferences and more. As well as fixing numerous bugs.

v1.4 also includes a lot of internal code changes, making future features & changes easier to add

Changed with v1.4:

  • Logging
  • Accent support
  • Secure password storage on the keychain
  • Preferences moved to /library & organized
  • Added Cancel/Apply/Ok on the preferences window
  • AIM(screenName) settings moved to their own window
  • New Aqua dock duck
  • Ability to hide buddy list buttons
  • Tabbing between windows now works (in multi mode)
  • Apple-Return sends messages (for real this time)
  • Option-Return inserts a return (without sending)
  • Other Major code cleanup & reconstruction
  • Fixed sporradic dock bouncing
  • Fixed bug with message tab font sizes
  • Fixed the left block list "remove" button
  • Fixed issues with long formatting bars
  • Fixed problems with HTML from netscapeis AIM client
  • Fixed "buddy list to front" on dock click annoyance
  • Fixed "message tab to front" when youire typing annoyance
  • Fixed a buddy list editing crash
  • Fixed more tab sizing & redraw issues
  • Fixed "noise flood" on sign on (after quick off/on)
  • No longer reconnects if "someone signed on with same name"
  • Numerous other changes and bug fixes

You can find more information about the Adium update at the Adam Iser Web site. Adium 1.4 is a available freeware.