AOpen Says Mac Mini Competes with Mini PC

An article at The Register notes that computer maker AOpen has gone on the offensive regarding its new Mini PC, which was demonstrated this week at Computex 2005, which was held in Taipei. Tony Smith writes: "No, no, said AOpen, dismissing comments that the Mini PC was a Mac Mini rip-off, of course weire not competing with Apple -- itis competing with us. AOpenis ilogici is that since the Mac Mini is all about winning over Wintel users to Appleis product line, the Mac Mini competes with PCs, not the other way round."

The Mini PC has drawn criticism since its unveiling, given its striking similarity to Appleis Mac mini. Its dimensions are slightly smaller, and it comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built-in, but both machines offer their ports and air vents on the back, and both come with slot-loading drives, Smith points out. Itis been pointed out, however, that the Mini PC uses Intelis Pentium M chip, an expensive component that will likely make the machine more expensive than the Mac mini, although no pricing has been announced.