APC Ships 3-in-1 Wireless Mobile Router

American Power Conversion (APC) on Wednesday announced that its new 3-in-1 Wireless Mobile Router, which sells for US$69.99, is now available. The portable device can run off a USB port or a power adapter and features three modes: a router providing access to the Internet; an access point that acts as a wireless bridge between a wired network and a wireless user; and Ethernet client, which brings wireless Internet access to computers, game consoles or other devices with Ethernet ports.

APCis new router features 300-foot wireless coverage in all directions, a built-in firewall and 128-/64-bit WEP encryption. Itis compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g wireless connections, which Apple calls AirPort and AirPort Extreme, respectively. APC also offers a $79.99 Universal Power Adapter that charges and powers up to three devices simultaneously from a single power outlet.