ARTIS Soft Now Shipping Simple List Task Reminder

ARTIS Software has released a new app for Mac users, ARTIS Simple List. ARTIS Simple List is an integrated "to-do" list designed for scheduling and task management. The app features Jaguar support and emulates the look and feel of Apple applications. According to ARTIS Software:

ARTIS Software announces the release of iARTIS Simple Listi, an easy-to-use yet powerful list manager. The most common use for Simple List is to keep personal and business tasks in to-do lists.

iARTIS Simple Listi is software in the spirit of Appleis iApplications: Simple, intuitive, and concentrating on doing one thing right. With its metallic QuickTime-like windows on Jaguar and its instant filtering it fits into Mac OS X perfectly.

You can find more information about the ARTIS Simple List Web site. ARTIS Simple List is available for US$9.95.