A Crash Course in Switching From Windows to Mac

For those Windows users who donit have time to take a course or study for days and have to switch to a Mac right now, My First Mac has published a one page crash course. It might help keep a newbie from throwing a Mac through the window in frustration.

"A friend of mine recently started a new job at a company that used Macs. Normally thatis not a big deal because there should be people at the office to train you. But in this case, she was starting up a remote office with no support and only years of Windows experience as her guide. So where do you turn when you get thrown into the deep end of the Mac pool?" Chris Kerins asked.

Of course, there are hundreds or resources. There are whole books, websites and tutorials. However, if time is critical, that one page of essentials to get started fast could come in very handy.

At the end of the one page of esentials, for good measure, Mr. Kerins included a reference to Appleis own fast start guides: Mac 101 and Switch 101.

Sometimes too much information slows down the learning process. These three resources go a long way towards solving that problem when the conversion has to happen not just today, but right now.