A Fast, Fun, Flash Game

Remember those heady days of childhood when a game of hitting a ball up in the air, and keeping it there without catching it or letting it hit the ground, was the best thing ever? For some of us, those "childhood" days might stretch well into our 20s, 30s, and 40s, but you know the routine:

"1, 2, 3, 4... 57, 58 donit drop it dude! ... 145,146... come on man, we can do it! 7922, 7923 man weire gonna make it! 7995.. Oh man! You $@#%! OK, ready? 1,2,3..."

You know you did it, we know you did it, and better yet, we liked it! Those days might be here for you again in the form of an online Flash game that is definitely a Cool Waste of Time. Liam OiDonnel has made game he calls "Kick-Ups" that is sure to suck you into the maw of wasted afternoons. The object is simple, just click on the ball in the game as it reacts to the physics of the room and your "hit," and keep it from hitting the floor. The game counts the number of hits you make, keeps track of your high score, and doesnit let you cheat. Liam made the game as an exercise in Flash game development, and offers this message on the site:

...an experiment in physics, highscore systems and games development. Itis not perfect, can be buggy, can get annoying and is dangerously addictive. It is what it is ...so please donit e-mail me to complain, but thanks for playing anyway!

We didnit find it all that buggy at all. While playing, the game offers encouraging comments like "Thatis so weak, Hahahahahah!," "Arenit you embarrassed," and the actually nice one of "Wow, over 100. Thatis pretty good." We got up to 120, but that didnit make the Top 100 scores. Drop a note in the comments if you can. Liam also offers a Mac download for the game so you can play it on your desktop.