A New Racing Game For The Mac Is Here

There arenit many racing games on the Mac, but Feral Interactive and MacPlay have brought a new one to the table, F1 Championship Season 2000. As the name suggests, this title is a Formula 1 racing game, and it is set up around the real Formula 1 circuit, complete with real tracks, real cars, and the real racing teams. From MacPlay:

Feral Interactive is pleased to announce the North American release of EA Sports* F1 Championship Season 2000.  Available immediately, the game is being distributed in North America by MacPlay, a subsidiary of United Developers, LLC.  

F1 Championship Season 2000 is authentic in every way and is the only officially endorsed Formula 1 racing game ever to come to the Macintosh.   This highly acclaimed racing simulation puts you in control of a high adrenalin racing simulation, backed by a pumping soundtrack and full audio commentary from the pit just as F1 team members hear it.   Every world circuit thatis in the real Championship is recreated in startling detail and it is fully customizable to A1 and Blue Flag rules.  Ferrari, McLaren, Williams F1 team, Sauber, Jordan, British American Racing, Jaguar Racing, Arrows, Minardi, Benetton and Prost all line up to compete for Formula One World Championship glory.  

Detailed set-up options coupled with a realistic physics engine will please the purists, but many of these advanced options can be turned off to appeal to arcade racers. With the games incredibly realistic 6-dimensional drive-model physics, which were developed in conjunction with the Orange Arrows and Benetton Formula one teams, you will feel like youire strapped in and racing to the checkered flag.  

In the driving school mode Racers do not need to be an F1 driver to get into the action right away. Orange Arrows 2-seater experience is the key to finding out how to unlock hidden features in the game. With a LAN Connection players can race from 2 to 8 players to find out who has what it takes to be an F1 Champion.   F1 Championship Season 2000 leaves all other racing games on the starting grid with its realistic, adrenaline-pumping interpretation of the worldis greatest openwheel motorsport.

* The game is developed under license from Electronic Arts and distributed in North America by MacPlay.

F1 Championship Season 2000 is priced at US$49.99, and is available now. You can find more information on the title at MacPlayis Web site.