A Prep List for New Vista Computer

Dwight Silverman at the Houston Chronicle has provided a sobering list of things to attend to when first taking a Vista PC out of the box. Itis a long list.

Every new computer requires some intial setup and customization. Some of it can be pleasureable, some of it is necessary and tedious bookkeeping and some can be onerous for the new users.

Mr. Silverman, an experienced PC user, provided his recommend list of tasks to attend to when first booting up a Vista computer. Perhaps not everyone will agree with his list, but an examination of the list is a sobering introduction to the life and times of the Vista user.

Just a few of the more interesting tasks include:

  • Turn off the Welcome Center.
  • Download and install updates/patches.
  • Download antivirus software. (None comes with Windows.)
  • Uninstall junkware.
  • Configure Internet Explorer. (The anti-phishing feature reduces performance.)
  • Install drivers.

The list could also serve as a handy reminder for Mac users running Parallels or VMWare who want to install Vista and would like to make sure all the housekeeping is taken care of. All of it.

That might also add another item to the list. Replace IE with Firefox.