A Real Mac To PC Switcher Ready To Dump The Mac

Heis mad, and heis just not going to take it any more. Dale Tournemille is a Canadian journalist who says he is leaving the Mac platform after 10 years as a "faithful Mac user and firm believer that it was indeed iinsanely great.i" The reason, according to a rant posted at Mssr. Tournemilleis Web site (hosted by .Mac), is that Macs are slow and overpriced, and did we mention he isnit going to take it any more? From his announcement, titled "Confessions of a soon-to-be ex-Mac user:"

Apple has, for some time, managed to pull the hood over the eyes of its users, but it can no longer afford to lob the megahertz myth at the public when you can buy a 3 Ghz Pentium 4-based Dell PC for the same price as a 1 Ghz iMac. Sorry Apple, but the megahertz myth is a myth.

Then thereis the whole messy compatibility issue.

I wholeheartedly agree that the Mac is -- in theory -- the most compatible computer on the planet. I can pop a Windows floppy disk into my iMac and happily see the little icon sprout onto my desktop. Same goes for a Unix disk. Heck, I can even run Windows software if such a dire emergency should arise.

Problem is, Apple has utterly failed to make significant headway into corporate America and as a result users are opting to buy a computer that runs the same operating system as their computer at work. Worst still, many Web sites, including the popular finance site Morningstar.com, career site Flipdog.com, electronics maker JVC.ca, or the Canadian news site globeandmail.com, cater only to Windows users.

Thereis more at Dale Tournemilleis .Mac site. Thanks to the several people that wrote to us about this. MacNN may have been the originator of the first link to the editorial.

We tested the four sites mentioned as being exclusively for Windows. Of the four, the Globe and Mail Web site, the Morningstar.com site, and the Canadian JVC site all came up just fine in Safari. We were able to navigate throughout all three sites, as well. Flipdog.com gave a big notice on the home page that it requires a version of Netscape that is between 4.0.7 and 4.7.9, but deeper pages with forms didnit work in either Camino or Safari.