A Two-Fer From VVI

VVI has released a new app to compliment VVing, Signal Framework. Signal Framework is a API framework designed for real time data graphing. Also released is an update for VVing, bringing it to version 1.1. Used together, the apps present a visual diagnostic tool for networks. According to VVI:

VVI(R) today announced availability of The Signal Framework(TM) and an upgrade to the Vving(TM)

The Signal Framework is a robust and optimized high-level API programming framework specialized to time signals. It can be adapted to nearly any time varying source in a matter of minutes. Data is stored in a circular buffer and graphed in real-time. The acquisition section is multithreaded to produce real-time results without sacrificing display quality. There can be many signal channels and the time bases can be nonuniform. The signal history can be scrolled back and forth for viewing in real time while new signal values are being acquired.

Vving is a simple to use front-line diagnostic tool to look at network performance and is based on The Signal Framework. It has been upgraded to version 1.1 which fixes some minor bugs and adds new features.

You can find more information about Signal Framework and the VVing update at the VVI Web site. VVing is available for US$49.00, and Signal Framework pricing is available via the sales department.