A Two-Fer Update From iMedia Software

iMedia Software has released two updates for the apps MediaEdit and Liner, bringing them to versions 1.2.5 and 1.2 respectively. MediaEdit is a digital editing tool that now features a refined UI, OS 10.2 support, and other enhancements. Liner is an outlining and organizational management app that ships with improved enhancements including boosted speed performance. According to iMedia Software:

iMedia Software today introduced the next version of MediaEdit one of Macintosh worldis most popular, most powerful, easy-to-use consumer digital video editing software.

MediaEdit 1.2.5 features

  • a refined user interface with a new better toolbar and support for MacOS X 10.2
  • dramatically improved audio editing capabilities
  • enhanced controls for editing and exporting
  • and powerful new special effects

Liner our popular outlining application built exclusively for Mac OS X has also been updated to 1.2 with
support for MacOS X 10.2. A lot of new and very cool features have been added to help you outline like youive never outlined before.

Features new to Liner 1.2 include:

  • 10-20% faster usage
  • remade export plugins
  • remade "file saving"
  • new keyboard shortcuts
  • better support for voice notes
  • and much more

What does all of this mean?

Instead of being a really simple tool that can help you get organized, Liner is now a really good-looking, powerful, simple-to-use tool that can help you get organized.

You can find more information about the MediaEdit and Line updates at the iMedia Software Web site. Media Edit is available starting at US$45.00, and Liner is available for US$20.00.