Absolutely Fabulous Is Absolutely Mac Happy

Absolutely Fabulous is a British TV series (shown in the States as well) that has some very hard core fans. If you know anyone that watches the program, you probably know what we mean. A new season of the show has started after a fairly long hiatus, and several Observers wrote in to tell us that there were all kinds of Macs all over the program. Some of those letters:

Last night on Comedy central the new season premiere episode of Absolutely Fabulous had Edina using an Apple Flat screen display in her kitchen and Bubbles had a Blue Dalmation iMac in the office.

Bart Stagner

Iim sure you guys already know about this, but Iill tell you about my Mac-sighting anyway. The new Absolutely Fabulous episode this evening featured a couple of Macs. Edwina has a G4 Cube in her kitchen (on which her mother was surfing porn sites). She also has the spotted iMac at work.

Considering how itis more rare to find a Mac in Europe, finding a Mac on Ab Fab is a good sign, no?

John Di Bartolo

Absolutely Fabulous new episodes showed characters working on a Cube and Cinema Display, and a laptop too.


With some additional back ground information, Maczep wrote in with the following:

This is first of the 12 new episode since they went off the air in 1996. It has a cult following both in US and UK. It was great to see them back on the air.

Mac sighting (G4 cube and 17" or 22" LCD) on Absolute Fabulous new season on Comedy Channel Monday 9 PM EST. The Cube and Apple LCD Display is in the Eddyis kitchen.


Maczep also included some handy links for more information on the show itself, including a link for the BBCis Web site and one for Comedy Centralis Ab Fab site. Thanks to Bart Stagner, John Di Bartolo, djk, and MacZep for writing in. If you have a Mac Sighting, let us know!