ActiveDeveloper 2.0 Now Shipping

InterACTIVE-Technology is now shipping an OS X version of ActiveDeveloper 2.10. ActiveDeveloper is a software development app designed for runtime creating and testing. The app now features Jaguar and up support. According to InterACTIVE-Technology:

Today InterACTIVE-Technology released the Mac OS X/Jaguar 10.2.x and gcc3 enabled version of ActiveDeveloper - our Runtime Objective-C&C IDE, JIT compiler and Debugger with support for Cocoa and WebObjects.

With ActiveDeveloper IDE we cut your API learning curve and turn Development of any size Apps incremental. With ActiveDeveloper you get a Runtime Object IDE allowing you to build NATIVE apps and servers directly at Runtime while they run. There by bringing you a whole lot closer to the Objects you work with ...

  • ActiveDeveloper - "Grow" your Apps - through incremental Runtime Interaction
  • Develop, Test, Debug and Play - at runtime
  • Edit-compile-play cycles in 1-2 seconds
  • Deploy NATIVE Apps - with NO ActiveDeveloper dependency

You can find more information about the OS X ActiveDeveloper release at the InterACTIVE-Technology Web site. ActiveDeveloper 2.10 is available for US$99.00.