Add A Clock To Your OS X Beta Menubar

Wolfware has updated their OS X clock utility, wClock, to version 1.7. wClock allows OS X Beta users to add a Classic style clock to their menubar. wClock includes a dropdown perpetual calendar, and the new version allows users to change the font size and color. According to Wolfware:

Whatis new in this version:

  • The font and color used for the display can now be changed.
  • Dates and times are displayed using the local language.
  • Leading zeros are stripped off of time display.
  • Default font style, position and drop-shadow more closely matches menu text.
  • Default position does not conflict with Classic Menu (remember you can change the position by Option dragging!).

Product Description:
Do you miss being able to see the time and date at a glance in the menu bar while using Mac OS X? Wolfware has the answer... wClock!

wClock displays the time and date in the menu bar in a variety of user selectable formats and styles. wClock also provides convenient one-click access to a monthly calendar.

wClock is available for US$10. You can find more information at the Wolfware web site.