Add System Wide Grammar Checking To OS X

Casady & Greene have released a beta version of their system wide grammar checking utility, Grammarian, for Mac OS X. Grammarian functions much like OS Xis system wide spell checking service, offering users suggestions for correcting questionable grammar. According to Casady & Greene:

Casady & Greene is pleased to announce the release of a Mac OS X native, public beta version of Grammarian 2 that works with and compliments Mac OS X. Grammarian X takes full advantage of the great features of Mac OS X and supports Carbon and Cocoa applications.

Grammarian X addresses the needs of our education base, K-12 and higher ed., by adding the ability to lock and unlock the Writing Rules feature. This greatly empowers teachers in a classroom setting. Parents and teachers can set and lock the Writing Rules settings for Phrase Usage, Grammar Mechanics, Punctuation and Writing Style.

Grammarian X also allows users and administrators who work in a network environment, to share common Writing Rules settings with the click of a button. For labs and classroom settings with a large number of machines, this is a huge time saving step when changing the rules settings.

This public beta version of Grammarian X is available now as a free electronic download at It must be remembered that this cutting-edge version of Grammarian X is a work in progress. During this time, we encourage everyone to email us comments, suggestions and questions concerning this release. Please email us at or visit Casady & Greeneis Software for Mac OS X web page at, or the Casady & Greene home page.

Grammarian X is Casady & Greeneis popular, universal grammar checker which works with virtually every program on your computer, whether or not a program has its own grammar checker.

Grammarian X has over five times more grammar checking power than the limited grammar checkers in Microsoft Word (TM) and Microsoft Office (TM). Grammarian has 150 built-in grammar Writing Rules compared to Officeis 26 error corrections. Grammarian can even check grammar in such popular programs as Outlook Express (tm), Excel (tm), Adobe GoLive (tm), Adobe InDesign (tm), Adobe FrameMaker (tm) 6.0, AppleWorks (tm), Eudora (tm), and Macromedia Freehand (tm), to name a few.

Feature-rich Grammarian:

  • Checks a large number of homophones.
  • Supports third-party application programs such as FileMaker Pro 5 (tm), Alpha, Canvas 7 (tm), IBM Via Voice (tm), and DeltaGraph 4.5 (tm).

You can find more information at the Casady & Greene Web site.