Adding to Backup's QuickPick Selection

For .Mac users, Backup is an easy to use application for automating the process of backing up your Macis important files. Some applications even add their own plug-in, called a QuickPick, to Backup that let you add the documents they create to a backup plan just by clicking a check box. Unfortunately, not every application includes Backup QuickPick plug-ins.

QuickPicks make it easy to select and backup specific file types.

It just so happens that QuickPick plug-ins arenit overly difficult to create, so several people have stepped up and developed QuickPicks for some popular applications that donit already have one. Here are some Web sites that offer additional QuickPicks:

Wishingline Design Studios The Wishingline Web site offers a fairly extensive list of QuickPick plug-ins for Automator Actions, Camino, ColorPicker, Dashboard widgets, ecto, Firefox, FontExplorer X, NewsFire, and more.

Command-Tab This Web site has QuickPicks for NetNewsWire and Little Snitch.

MacCentre701 The MacCentre701 QuickPick list includes Yojimbo, Camino, Firefox, Thunderbird, and Donzilla.

And if you want to try your hand at creating your own QuickPick plug-ins, take a look at John Huggis Web site.

Your QuickPick plug-ins wonit do you any good if they arenit properly installed. They belong in your home directory/Library/Application Support/Backup/QuickPicks. Also, Appleis .Mac Web site offers some great tutorials on setting up your Backup sets.

There are plenty of other Web sites that offer QuickPicks, too, so feel free to share your favorites.

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