Addonics Announces Drive Cartridge Line

Addonics Technologies on Wednesday introduced the Drive Cartridge removable storage product family, designed to use standard 3.5-inch IDE, 2.5-inch IDE and 3.5 SATA hard disk drive mechanisms.

The Addonics Drive Cartridge consists of all the necessary components for users to install their own choice of hard drive. Almost any level of computer user can configure an Addonics Drive Cartridge system, the company said. The Drive Cartridge is inserted inside the Cartridge Cradle, which can be mounted inside a standard drive bay of any desktop PC, equipment or installed as an external Drive Cartridge System. Since the Drive Cartridge media is a standard hard drive, no special format utility or software is required to prepare the Drive Cartridge. For systems with legacy OS and hardware, an IDE Cartridge Cradle can be installed to access the data in the Drive Cartridge.

Prices start at US$23 for the internal SATA 3.5-inch version or US$59 for the internal USB 3.5-inch version. Drives are not included.