Address Book App Learns To Play Nice With Palm

Benoit Widemann has updated his address book application, Carnet, to version 3.7.1. Carnet is a full-featured address book program, and the new version includes the proper conduits for synchronizing Carnet with your Palm organizer. According to Mr. Widemann:

Benoit Widemann is glad to announce the immediate availability of Carnet 3.7.1, the fastest address book, both in English and French version.

Carnet 3.7.1 features a full-featured version of the Palm conduit "Carnet To Go", written by Frank Lefebvre. The new conduit adds full HotSync capabilities for Carnet.

As before, Carnet comes with:

  • A complete online help, also available on the Internet;
  • An updated version of Phonomatic, to create a "magic key" to launch Carnet;
  • Independent categories for each list.

Carnet offers all the features previously found in JoliPhone. Still faster, the application finds instantly the searched record. It can easily handle files containing tens of thousands of names.

Carnet includes extensive dialing features: Audio dial, modem dial (any Hayes-compatible device, including the internal Apple modem, ISDN modems...), Minitel? and even remote Mac dial. To start a call, type the first characters of the name and press return to dial. The process is so fast, intuitive and unobtrusive that you donit even have to think about it.

Carnet is available for US$49.95. You can find more information at Mr. Widemannis web site.