Adobe Ships Photoshop 7 For Classic & Mac OS X

VersionTracker is reporting that Adobe has officially shipped Photoshop 7 for Classic and Mac OS X. As of this writing, Adobe has not yet made an official public announcement, but we expect the company to do so today. The Photoshop 7 product page at Adobe lists the upgradeis new features as:

Meet every challenge

  • File Browser to visually browse and retrieve images
  • Healing Brush to effortlessly remove artifacts such as dust, scratches, blemishes, and wrinkles while preserving shading, lighting, and texture
  • Web output enhancements to easily apply transparency or partial transparency to Web page elements, including seamless edges that blend into any Web background
  • Single, enhanced Rollover palette to manage Web page rollovers, animations, and image maps more easily
  • New "selected" rollover state for creating more sophisticated Web site navigation bars without hand-coding
  • Customizable workspace for saving the arrangement of palettes and settings for tools, and instant access to a personalized Photoshop desktop
  • New Auto Color Command for reliable color correction

Stay competitive  

  • New Painting Engine to simulate traditional painting techniques
  • Pattern Maker plug-in to create realistic or abstract patterns such as grass, rocks, and sand simply by selecting a section of an image
  • Enhanced Liquify (distorting) tool to allow you to view other layers, zoom, pan, and undo multiple steps — even save custom meshes and apply them to other files

Work with confidence

  • Password protection to limit access to Photoshop PDF files, helping to secure image integrity
  • Built-in Spell Checker for search-and-replace operations and spell-check in multiple languages within the same file
  • Enhanced Picture Packages to allow you to print multiple images on one page, choose different page sizes, and add custom labels, such as copyright notices or captions
  • More Web Gallery templates to easily show work online by posting a gallery page of images, and include watermark and copyright information to protect images
  • Full compatibility with Mac OS 9 and support for the newest enhancements of Mac OS X and Microsoft® Windows® XP
  • XMP support for embedding metadata in application files to easily repurpose, archive, and automate files in a workflow

You can find more information on Photoshop 7 at Adobeis Web site. The company also has a PDF file on the new features in version 7. You can also join in on the discussion about Photoshop 7 in our forums.