Adobe Shutters Stock Photo Service

Adobeis answer to iStockPhoto and Getty Images, Adobe Stock Photos, is closing its doors and will cease operations on March 31, 2008. Adobe began its royalty-free stock photo service in 2005 with the release of Adobe Creative Suite 2.

The service is officially shutting down on April 1, but Creative Suite 2 and Creative Suite 3 users will still be able to use the service until March 3. After March 3, the search feature will be disabled, but users will still be able to purchase images for Comps downloaded before the third.

Anyone that misses the March 31 image purchase cut off date will have to use Adobeis Image ID Converter Web page to extract the original provider name and image ID number, and then contact the provider directly.

Adobe stated that it is shutting down its stock image service to "concentrate its efforts in other areas."