Aladdin Acqusition Of Erevu Finalized

Aladdinis parent company, Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc., announced today that the acquisition process has been completed between Aladdin and Erevu. Announced in July, the merger means that Aladdin now has its own enterprise division, with the company formerly known as Erevu being dubbed Aladdin Enterprise Solutions. Erevu "designs, develops, and deploys software-based management solutions for distributed networked computers." From Aladdin:

Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. "Aladdin" and Erevu, Incorporated "Erevu," a privately-held company, announced today they have finalized the acquisition of Erevu by Aladdin.

"The acquisition is a strategic step in broadening both companiesi solutions for access management," said Jonathan Kahn, CEO of Aladdin Systems, Inc and chairman of Aladdin. "The combination of the two companies creates a powerful enterprise solution and allows Aladdin to leverage its existing channel of distribution and bring new products to the marketplace."

Erevu, now named Aladdin Enterprise Solutions, offers a software-based management solution that controls and simplifies the corporate computing environment making it more manageable and robust while reducing costs. Aladdin is a leader in access management, its flagship software, StuffIt(tm) data compression, is used by over 12 million people worldwide.

"As desktop and local server computing have become critical to large enterprises, their uncontrolled evolution has resulted in complex, fragile and unmanageable environments resulting in a costly and unacceptable situation for data-intensive enterprises," said Tom Saleh, President of Erevu, now President of Aladdin Enterprise Solutions. "With Aladdinis expertise we will be able to provide an automated, easily managed and transparent disaster recovery solution that extends to the desktop, as we now do for the enterprise market."

Aladdin is not releasing the terms of the deal at this time. You can find more information on Erevu at the (former) companyis Web site.