Aladdin Releases French And Spanish Versions Of Stuffit Deluxe

Aladdin has released localized French, German, and Spanish versions of their super compression utility, Stuffit Deluxe. Stuffit Deluxe provides users with a full range of options for compressing and sending files, as well as allowing users to open files created and compressed in nearly any format. Furthermore, while some features are unavailable, Sutffit Deluxe is Carbonized for use in Mac OS X. According to Aladdin:

Tired of waiting for large email attachments and downloads? Frustrated with files that you canit open? You need StuffIt Deluxe! Award-winning, industry-standard StuffIt Deluxe compresses your files up to 95% smaller than their original size, so they transmit faster. Plus, StuffIt Deluxe opens just about any file you download off the Web or receive in your email. And, as the worldwide compression standard, your StuffIt files can be accessed by any Mac or PC user, anywhere, hassle-free!

With StuffIt Deluxe, thereis no complicated application to learn. Simply drag-and-drop, control-click, or rename a file to compress or expand. Send email attachments with one-click Stuff & Mail. Access the power of StuffIt right from the Finder with Magic Menu. Even treat StuffIt archives just like folders with the StuffIt Browser. If you know how to use your Mac, you already know how to use StuffIt Deluxe!

The Internet doesnit care what kind of computer you use, so why should you? Whether you need to send a file to a Mac, a PC or a Unix-based computer, StuffIt Deluxe makes communication easy. StuffIt archives (.sit) are the absolute smallest files and are best for sending files via email or posting online. You can also send a self-extracting StuffIt archive (.exe) to a PC user - all they do is double-click it to expand. With StuffIt Deluxe, cross-platform hassles are a thing of the past!

StuffIt Deluxe makes your files as small as possible, up to 95% smaller than their original size - an average of 20% better than any other compression software. What does this mean to you? Youill spend less time sending and receiving files via email and the Web, and youill back up more onto any removable media.

Stuffit Deluxe is available for US$79.95. You can find more information at the Stuffit Web site.