Alepin Update Gets A Bevy Of Enhancements

The MacChampion Team has released an update for Alepin, bringing it to version 2.2. Alepin is a notepad utility designed for keeping text notes. The update features numerous performance enhancements including imroved exporting and bug fixes. According to The MacChampion Team:

The MacChampion Team has released Alepin 2.2 today.

Alepin is a clean and simple implementation of a Notepad & Scrapbook for Mac OS X. It offers some nifty features like importing from the Classic Note Pad, Stickies X or folders of text files, RTFD Export, multi-page documents, Auto-open of a specific file, auto-save, QuickFind, sorting and naming using the Categories drawer and rapid navigation through all pages using the slider. If also copies graphics to Carbon apps, which TextEdit cannot do well. It is available in French as well.

Whatis new in this version:

  • Now Exports pages as RTFD files, using Category names as subfolders
  • Now works under previous versions of Mac OS X
  • New Info bar now shows page creation and modificaction dates directly in response to customer feedback
  • Added a Rename menu command to rename pages for easier access than double-clicking
  • Added Rename to contextual menu
  • The Toolbar can be hidden and shown using a keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed QuickFind in a few ways
  • QuickFind is no longer case-sensitive
  • Floating now allows contextual menus
  • Floating now allows Customization of toolbar
  • Print icon in toolbar now works
  • Fixed a bug where two pages could have the same name if the case was different, creating a loss of data
  • Changed service keyboard shortcut to Command-Shift-( for less conflicts with other services
  • Changed the name of the app to Alepin without a version number (makes Services work better and allows for aliases to stay correct when replacing older versions)
  • Slider now appears when there are only 2 pages
  • When no item is selected in the Categories Slider, the page indicator now says 0/x where x is the total number of pages
  • Fixed a few other bugs

You can find more information about the Alepin update at the MacChampion Web site. Alepin 2.2 is available for US$10.00.