Alexander Wilson Releases Updates Both IndieToolbar And IE Icon Set

Alexander Wilson has released updates for IndieToolbar, bringing it to version 2.5, and IE Toolbar Icon set, bringing it to version 5.0. IndieToolbar is a utility designed for custom toolbar icon organizing. The icons are designed for the Internet Explorer toolbar, and present users with the ability to customize the look of the popular browser. The updates feature custom link support and other enhancements. According to Alexander Wilson:

Alexander Wilson Studios this week releases two updates to its free internet software, IndieToolbar 2.5 and IE Toolbar Icon set v.5.

The toolbar icons are a supplement to Internet Explorer in Mac OS X, where users may drag and drop graphical links into the IE Toolbar (next to or even in-between the back and refresh buttons) with over 350 icons in eleven categories. Thirty-two of the most popular OS X toolbar icons offered are also available for Internet Explorer 5.1 or later in Mac OS 9.

For those using Safari or another browser--and for those who donit want to be limited to the few icons that can simultaneously fit on the IE Toolbar: the IndieToolbar 2.5 is a standalone vertical toolbar that lets users mix and match any 13 of their favorite IE Toolbar Icons for use with their default browser.

You can find more information about the latest IndieToolbar and icon releases at Alexander Wilson Web site. Both apps are available as freeware.