AliasMenu Version 3.0 Now Shipping

Benoit Widemann has released a new version of AliasMenu, bringing it to version 3.0. AliasMenu is a menu bar utility designed for menu management and file launching. The latest version features several new enhancements including Jaguar support. According to Benoit Widemann:

Benoit Widemann announced today the immediate availability of AliasMenu 3.0 for Mac OS X. AliasMenu adds user-defined menus to the menu bar. Each menu extra has a corresponding folder and the menu automatically reflects the folderis content.

AliasMenu brings the metaphor of the old Apple menu to new heights, while keeping its intuitive way to organize the menusi contents. Using the Finder, creating aliases and subfolders, adding custom icons, the user takes complete control of the menu bar with unprecedented ease and power.

Version 3 has been entirely rewritten for Mac OS X and brings many new features:

  • Menus can be mixed with Appleis system menus and other third parties menu extras. They can be dragged to any position in the menu baris right side
  • Full Jaguar compatibility, also works with 10.1
  • Functions keys F1-F15 are now supported for keyboard shortcuts
  • Horizontal space between menus can be set in preferences
  • Icons in menu items can be set to any size, up to 128 pixels for spectacular photorealistic menus, great for visually impaired users
  • Hierarchical menus are supported without the help of BeHierarchic. The link with Default Folder is the same as in previous version: selecting a menu item while a navigation window is open will "pass" the item to Default Folder
  • Besides its "launcher" capabilities, AliasMenu supports styled text and picture clippings. Selecting a clipping in a menu pastes its contents in the frontmost application
  • AliasMenu is fully unicode-aware and can be used in any language

You can find more information about the latest version of AliasMenu at the Benoit Widemann Web site. AliasMenu is available for US$15.00.