Alien Design? The Cube Makes Appearance On The X-Files

Ah, Aliens use Cubes. Or something. Your editor unfortunately missed this weekendis episode of The X-files, but Observer Ed fortunately kept us on our toes. The Cube made an appearance on the show, the first to our knowledge, though merely one of many other Mac products to appear on the show. According to Ed:

Itis called iPer Manumi. Scully is starting to question her pregnancy do to additional reports of "alien fertilization". She begins to wonder if the baby in which she carries is alien offspring. Toward the beginning of the show, she is snooping around a hospital. The cube panned across the screen about 12 to 15 minutes into the show. It was sitting on a desk in an office/lab.

I sent along a small pic from the episode. To bad I didnit record it. I would have grabbed the screen shot off of the TV and sent it to you.

Thanks for letting us know Ed!