Altec Lansing Moves iPod Speakers to Other Music Players [PHOTO ADDED]

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Altec Lansing has introduced a new portable speaker system for non-iPod music players based on the companyis original inMotion iPod speaker system. The new unit is called the iM4, and was introduced at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, NV. The company said that it supports any player from Samsung, Rio, Archos, or iRiver.

The iM4 is a standalone speaker solutions that includes a connector for music players, and two, stereo speakers. Players are connected via a retractable cable, and the device includes an auxiliary line-in for connecting a second music player or CD player.

The Altec Lansing iM4 at the companyis CES Booth
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The iM4 is priced at US$129.95, and will be available in February of 2005. As of this writing, Altec Lansing has not added specific information about the product to its Web site.

Altec Lansing also introduced three computer speaker systems ranging in price from $29.95 to $129.95.