Ambrosia President To Eat Live Bugs At MACWORLD

In one of the more bizarre public stunts we have seen come out of the computer industry, Ambrosia Software president Jason Whong is going to, are you ready for this, eat live insects at next weekis MACWORLD Expo. Mr. Whong promised he would eat bugs if any Ambrosia products shipped with bugs. In case you are interested, here is what Ambrosia has to say about it:

Last August, Ambrosia Software, Inc. threw down the gauntlet by stating that it would force Marketing Director Jason Whong to eat real insects if any Fall/Winter 1999 or Spring 2000 Ambrosia product shipped with bugs. The moment of truth has arrived, and it looks like Mr. Whong will have a full plate of creepy crawlies to ingest in his Machievallian public apology.

"Itis just not possible to utter marketing slogans while youire mouth is full of bugs" says Ambrosiais el Presidente, Andrew Welch. "Itis a great public demonstration of poetic justice -- the hype of product release announcements crashing head-on into the realities of the software development business."

3dfx Interactive, maker of high-end 3D video cards, has teamed up with Ambrosia Software, Inc. to host the public spectacle in their booth #1455 at MacWorld/NYC 2000. In what will amount to a modern-day public lynching, users who have been plagued with bugs in software can delight in seeing Marketdroid Jason Whong eat the crunchy critters as penance for the buggy deeds of the software industry.

The Voodoo Bug Feedings will take place each day of the MacWorld/NYC 2000 conference from 2:00pm to 2:30pm at the 3dfx booth #1455. If youive ever had your software crash on you, or been bothered by glitches and incompatibilities, we welcome you to join us for what will surely be a historic day in the vindication of computer users world-wide.

While youire witnessing Ambrosiais Marketdroid scarf down his insectoid delicacies, youill also get to check out previews of some cool upcoming games from Ambrosia, and see 3dfxis new Voodoo5 card in action! "3dfx is always available to work diligently with developers in the quest for pest control," says 3dfxis Director of Macintosh Business Development, Byran Speece. "Bugs in products are no fun. On the other hand, bugs as cuisine are a different story. Hope heis packini antacids.

If you are interested in more information, and you have some serious issues if you are, you can visit the Ambrosia Software web site.