Ambrosia Releases Trinity Plug-In Source Code

Ambrosia Software is now shipping the "Trinity" source code for The Pillars of Garendall. The Trinity plug-in was designed as an enhancement for the RPG game Pillars, and now that its code has been released, it offers Coldstone users an inside peek at what makes The Pillars of Garendall tick. According to Ambrosia Software:

Ambrosia Software, Inc. released today the source code to "Trinity", the plug-in that adds significant enhancements to the role playing game "Pillars of Garendall" that Ambrosia shipped for Mac last year.

The Trinity plug-in is a substantially enhances Pillars of Garendall and extends the game by adding new quests, new graphics, and three new specialties to choose from: swordsman, ranger, and conjurer.

You can find more information about the Trinity source code at the Ambrosia Software Web site. The Trinity source code is available as freeware.