Ambrosia Software Announces National Shareware Amnesty Week!

Ambrosia Software, those crazies who have brought us addictive arcade style gameplay in the form of Maelstrom, Swoop, and Cythera, have declared Amnesty to all! From February 19th to the 26th Ambrosia is selling each game at the incredible price of only $10, no questions asked.... For all of you naughty gamers out there who have failed to send in your check for the use of your Ambrosia shareware, now is your chance to belly up to the bar. Buy redemption. Come clean. Turn over a new leaf. According to Ambrosia:

On this hallowed and respected week of repentance (which is right up there in significance and notoriety with "National Unfortunate Body Hair week"), every shareware Ambrosia game and utility is on sale for $10, no questions asked!

You heard right: you huddled masses of Mac addicts, cleanse your karma without putting a hole in your wallet!

Bring us your poor starving college students who spent late nights in your dorm rooms playing Maelstrom or Escape Velocity while spilling pizza and other unmentionables in their keyboards. They always meant to pay for the game for all of the enjoyment it brought... when they got a job that didnit amount to "Would you like fries with that, sir?"

But alas, like many things, good intentions get left on the side of the highway of life like an old Big Mac wrapper. Well itis time to come clean, and get a great deal in the bargain, too! Any shareware Ambrosia game or utility for just $10, but for one week only!

The Rev. Hector D. Byrd will be issuing karmic blessings to those who take advantage of National Shareware Amnesty Week to ensure that in your next life, you wonit be reincarnated as a common garden slug.

You can take advantage of this great deal at the Abrosia Web site.