Ambrosia's "Ares" Updated, Contruction Utility To Be Included

Ambrosia Software has released a new public beta version of their space exploration and conquest game, Ares. Ares is a combination strategy/action game, combining the best elements of intense combat action with strategic developmental decisions (a la Civilization). Registered users of Ares will also be able to use Hera, a full featured level editor . According to Ambrosia:

Hera is a full graphical mission construction kit for Ambrosia networkable space war game Ares (, which allows you to create your own missions, import custom graphics -- the works! Itis Legos for Internet space combat, and itis going to be FREE for registered users of Ares once it is released.

Weive just released beta 6 as a public beta -- if youire interested in participating in the public beta test, please read the release info here:

Ares is an exciting blend of action and strategy in uncharted space. Use your ships to control and protect planets, increase your manufacturing capacity, and fuel your war machine. A shrewd pilot with limited resources can decisively outwit a stronger opponent, so planning and execution are critical. Strategy outmatches guns any day in this game.

Ares is available for US$25. You can find more information at the Ambrosia Software web site.