American McGee's Alice Coming To The Mac (This Isn't Your Father's Wonderland)

Yesterday we recieved the latest Aspyr Newsletter that contained welcome news indeed. American McGeeis Alice is on the way to Macintosh. This twisted jaunt down the rabbit hole takes you deeper than you could imagine and farther than you may wish... It is a game that challenges the iDisneyi vision and delves into horror and mutilation in the stead of mild paranoic cuteness. Hack, carve and cleave your way through mountains of evil minions and help expell the main evil at itis source before all is lost.

"Alice is a twisted, wild game that Mac users will appreciate not only for its gameplay but also its stunning visuals. This is probably the most atmosphere-rich game ever made," says Michael Rogers, President of Aspyr.

While there is no final date as of yet, nevertheless this is excellent news for Mac fans starving for a tasty new game to bite into. Alice has the distinction of the Quake 3 engine behind it, and is being ported over from the PC by those tinkers over at Westlake Interactive. Speed is of the essence these days, so we should see this title on store shelves in a reasonable timeframe. So pass the sugar, and have a seat. It wonit be a long wait.