American Pie 2, Zoolander, & Teaching Mrs. Tingle

Long-time Observer Spider dropped us a note about three movies with varying degrees of Mac sightings in them. First up is last weekendis top earner, American Pie 2 which features a beige PowerMac and a G3. He also says that a Tangerine iBook figures prominently in a trailer for Zoolander. Lastly, Spider tells us that the main character in Teaching Mrs. Tingle has an original Mac in her room. According to Spider:

Huge Mac sighting! Just got back from the movies, and away we go!

American Pie 2 - Jim (the nerdy guy) has what appears to be either a 7100, 8100, or Desktop G3 at his home, and a Grape iMac in his college dorm. The first one was also seen in the first movie.

Trailer/Teaser - Zoolander. HUGE MAC!!! A Tangerine iMac is broadcast in itis full glory during this trailer. (The moron in the movie also smashes it! grrrrr) The iMac is a major focus in the trailer. There are only about 4 scenes in the trailer where it does not appear.

Teaching Mrs. Tingle - Donit know if this was reported yet, but the main character brunette has a 1984 Mac in her room.

Thatis all for now!!


Thanks for the note as always, Spider! If anyone knows exactly what kind of Mac is used in Teaching Mrs. Tingle (128K, 512K, Mac Plus, etc.), post it in the comments below. If you have a Mac sighting, let us know.