Analyst: Apple to Show Strong 2Q MacBook Sales

J.P. Morgan Securities is estimating Apple will report MacBook sales that land above analyst expectations. MacBook sales may be so strong, in fact, that they will offset potentially softer iPod and iPhone sales, according to Reuters.

The firm is estimating Apple will report 2.11 million Macs shipped during the quarter, up from its earlier 1.97 million prediction. 2Q profit estimates are up, too, at US$1.09 from $1.05 a share. Analysts raised their 2008 EPS from $4.94 up to $5.04, as well.

Appleis second quarter earnings report is scheduled for Wednesday, April 23 at 2PM pacific time. The Mac, iPod and iPhone maker offered guidance for the quarter at $6.8 billion in revenue with an EPS around $0.94. That news followed the best quarter in the companyis history with $9.6 billion in revenue and a $1.58 billion quarterly profit.

Apple is currently trading at $154.371, up 2.931 (1.94%).

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