Analyst: MacBook, shuffle to Drive Sales

American Technology Research analyst, Shaw Wu, feels Apple Computeris stock still has room to grow, and that the MacBook and second generation iPod shuffle have an important role to play. Based on ATR research, Mr. Wu says the MacBook is Appleis top selling computer.

He commented that the "MacBook continues to be the top selling Mac due to its excellent value and solid feature set."

The second generation iPod shuffle will be available in stores world wide on Friday. On Appleis smallest iPod, he said "Our sources indicate that orders are very strong (including third-party channels like Best Buy, Circuit City, and CompUSA) and we continue to believe this dark horse could end up being the top selling iPod and gain significant share against flash competitors."

Macworld Expo 2007 in January and the following months are likely to help boost Appleis stock, too. Mac OS X 10.5, the iTV, new iPod models, an Apple-branded cell phone, and new movie partners for the iTunes Store all lay ahead and will help to boost the companyis bottom line even more.

Mr. Wu is forecasting Apple will bring in US$6.1 billion in revenue and $0.72 EPS for the December quarter. Apple is likely to sell 1.8 million macs and 14 million iPods.

Mr. Wu is maintaining his "Buy" rating for Apple stock with a target price of $92.

Apple stock is currently trading at US$78.859, down 0.301 (0.38%).

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