Analyst: Multi-touch is Apple's Mega-Platform

UBS analyst Ben Reitzes feels the multi-touch display technology in Appleis iPhone will be integrated into the Mac and iPod, amounting to a "Mega-Platform" that can propel Apple growth for years to come. Apple may start introducing multi-touch technology in other products as early as 2008.

"We expect multi-touch to be prevalent in Appleis major hardware products within three to five years - making its way into touch-screen Macs next year," he said. "We also expect new touch-screen video iPods, ultra-portables, more phones and possibly even TVs in the future."

The multi-touch Mega-Platform could add US$1 to the companyis annual EPS during fiscal 2009.

Mr. Reitzes is excited about the prospects for Apple in 2007, and is anticipating the release of the iPhone, Mac OS X 10.5, new Macs, and new displays in June. The pending release of Adobe Creative Suite 3 should also help boost the companyis bottom line.

UBS is maintaining a "Buy" rating for Apple stock with a target price of $124. Apple is currently trading at $89.49, down 0.38 (0.42%).

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