Analysts, Journalists, Mac Engineers Take Part in Apple Round Table Discussion is hosting a week-long round table discussion about Apple this week. Participating in the event are Tim Bray, Nathan Brookwood, Dawn C. Chmielewski, Michael Gartenberg, Peter Glaskowsky, Mark Gonzales (former Apple exec), John Gruber, Andy Hertzfeld, Leander Kahney, Brent Simmons, and Dean Tahashi.

The discussion is being presented in a format that is similar to many online forums, but with the moderator asking questions, and the panel responding to that question, and to each other.

The first question presented so far is: "What do you think Appleis five-year goals look like, and how will the switch to Intel get them there?"

From that question, the discussion has ranged from the impact the Intel transition for Mac OS X will have to DRM issues in iTunes. You can read the full discussion at