And Then There Was One: Epicware Removes AOL Support From Fire

After a week long battle with AOL over the use of their AIM instant message protocol in his wildly popular IM client, Fire, Eric Peyton of Epicware has officially removed AOL support from the application with the latest update.

Fire supports a number of popular instant messaging protocol, including Yahoo, ICQ, and MSN. However AOL has been blocking access to their AIM servers by Fire for the last week or so, despite almost daily updates to the program. Finally frustrated by the whole process, version .24.b completely removes AIM support from the program. According to Mr. Peyton:


Due to ongoing network conflicts with AOL and the oscar library, I have removed the Fire AOL support.

AOL has released a version of their Instant Messenger client. You can download it on

There is no ETA for a new version of with AOL support.

I apologize, but this was forced by AOL.

Please delete your old before installing this version (0.24.b or higher). If you end up with a version of that includes an AIM service, it is because you copied this over incorrectly.

All apologies,

Fire still provides support for ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, and IRC. You can find more information about Fire at the Epicware Web site.