Apago Shipping PDF Enhancer Version 2.0

Apago, Inc. has released a new version of PDF Enhancer, bringing it to version 2.0. PDF Enhancer is a utility designed for compressing images and files into the PDF format. The latest release ships with several new enhancements including multiple file type merging and color correction support. According to Apago, Inc:

Apago, Inc. has released a major upgrade of its award winning PDF Enhancer(TM) software dramatically extending the capabilities of the productis core optimization and document size reduction.

PDF Enhancer 2.0 adds several new features including file merging, stamping, imposition, color management and JBIG2 compression making it a powerful solution for modifying, optimizing and repurposing PDF files.

PDF Enhancer continues to offer image optimization and compression, security, linearization, metadata editing and the most advanced file size reduction techniques available. Version 2.0 introduces a number of powerful new features including:

  • Merge - combine PDF pages and image files (TIFF, JPEG, etc) into a single PDF file
  • Color correction - complete control over all colors in a PDF document. Convert to grayscale, RGB or CMYK using industry-standard ICC profiles
  • JBIG2 compression - advanced image compression technology that can reduce the size of scanned documents by 70% or more and is generally 90% more efficient than the widely used CCITT G4 compression
  • Layout - resize PDF pages, create booklets, step and repeat or perform common impositions
  • Stamp - add watermarks and stamps (such as "DRAFT") to PDF pages, placed as overlays or underlays and with optional transparency

You can find more information about the latest PDF Enhancer release at the Apago, Inc Web site. PDF Enhancer is available starting at US$179.00.