App Switcher ASM Updated

Frank Vercruesse has released an update for ASM, bringing it to version 2.0.2. ASM is an application switcher menu designed to be customizable. The update has several new features and bug fixes. According to Frank Vercruesse:

ASM is the reincarnation of the application switcher menu. Itis highly customizable and offers some nice extra features, such as "Classic Window Mode" (orders all windows of an application to front when it becomes active) or "Single Application Mode" (automatically hides applications other than the front-most one).

Whatis New:

Note: Unfortunately, I had to change the format of ASMis preferences file. Therefore the special featuresi settings (rules) must be re-adjusted. Other settings are not affected.

  • more logical and flexible rule settings
  • "Single Application Mode" renamed to "Classic Window Mode"
  • "Auto Hide Mode" is now "Single Application Mode"
  • new feature ("Dock Hiding") to automatically show and hide the Dock on a per application basis
  • applications can be set to always hide automatically
  • option to disable the suppression key (shift) so conflicts with keyboard macro utilities can be avoided
  • improved installer/uninstaller
  • new generic icon (system menu theme)
  • shadow effect can be disabled for menu icon or title
  • includes localizations for German (complete) and Dutch (nearly complete)
  • main menu localized for French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish
  • not sure about that, but I hope the rare (?) "auto start" bug is fixed now
  • several other bugfixes

You can find more information about the ASM update at the Frank Vercruesse web site. ASM 2.0.2 is available freware.